Is Your Offer Ready for a Podfunnel? -

Is Your Offer Ready for a Podfunnel?


Tara Counterman

May 19, 2022

I want to be really transparent with you about what offers are and aren’t ready for a Podfunnel. That’s because I want to see your Podfunnel succeed, and I know inside and out which offers are ready for that to happen. 

Plus, I don’t want to see you put the time and energy into creating a Podfunnel for something that simply isn’t ready. 

If your offer isn’t ready for that now – don’t worry! It doesn’t mean it never will be. Use the criteria below to understand whether the transformation you are offering is ready for this tool – and if you’re ready for us to work together!

A Proven Offer

You need to have a proven offer in order for your pod funnel to find success. If it’s not proven and ready to scale, you won’t know what the questions surrounding your transformation are. You won’t have the right market research on a brand new offer, which means that you won’t have any clue what kind of content to include in your episodes.

You need to have live-launched at least once – preferably a few times – with a good solid rate to get the most out of your Podfunnel.

Client Testimonials

Another criterion to meet that shows you’re ready for a Podfunnel is having glowing client testimonials. You’ll want three, solid testimonials to start working on your Podfunnel. 

If you’re not delivering on the promises you’re making, you can’t out scale your business. It’s as simple as that. You need to make sure that your offer is doing what it’s supposed to, and having these rave reviews from clients is a way of proving that.

Shifting Your Focus 

As a note on that – if you find that your offer isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, you really shouldn’t be selling it and should focus, instead, on revamping it. Or, if you’ve tried selling it and it’s not converting successfully, put your time and energy into working on your sales, your messaging, and your marketing. Ensure your service is doing what it’s intended to before you try to scale.

To truly create a business that thrives, it’s no secret that you need a good product. If you’re struggling with this – I still want to help! I have wonderful referrals that can assist in setting you up for success and to help you make conversions. Don’t hesitate to reach out, even if it’s not to start on a Podfunnel. There are other ways we can work together, now and in the future.


Tap In If You’re Ready: The Bottom Line

A Podfunnel is not as intense or as complicated as a funnel. In fact, it’s one of the easiest you’ll ever have built for you. But you shouldn’t commit to building one with us unless you are truly ready. Use the above as a guide to help you decipher if you are ready to take the plunge on your Podfunnel together.




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