How to create an intentional podcast that aligns with your business goals and values, and how this can help you simplify content creation and attract more leads.

Inside you will learn:

The key word in that is INTENTIONAL. Why does being intentional matter so much for a business podcast? You don’t have any extra time and energy to waste. A podcast should support your business instead of being yet another thing on your to-do list that you dread.

You’ll learn how to create foundational podcast content that leads the rest of your marketing and content strategies in a way that feels consistent with your core message and gives your audience high-quality content to digest when it works for them and gives you a gold mine of clear messaging that you can repurpose and reimagine in amazing ways. 
Strategies for creating engaging, authentic content that resonates with your audience and positions you as an authority in your industry.
If you’re tired of hearing from “business experts” you need to be on every social media platform, multiple times a day, with a variety of unique content, we completely understand. It’s unsustainable, a total time suck, and doesn’t allow you to create content that stays true to your message. Consistency is important to make an impact online, but that doesn’t just mean showing up consistently. It also means consistency in your messaging and content.

If you’re pumping out content for the sake of content you’re not going to attract the audience, gain the trust of your followers or make a good case for why they should invest in your process over someone else's. But is there a better way? YES! You’ll learn in our free training about the Profitable Podcast approach that allows you to create pillar content and infuse it throughout your social media and sales process to create consistency and great content that really resonates with your audience. 
How a podcast can be profitable without the traditional sponsors, ads, and monetization strategies recommended by the “big podcasters”. 
The traditional podcast advertising model works great for giant podcasts with celebrity interviews and millions of downloads. But that shouldn’t be your goal! There is more than one way to make money from a podcast but very few are straying from the norm.

But we don’t play by the rules over at PPC and we don’t think you should either. If you tailor your episodes to support your offers, you’ve got a clear buyer’s journey set up in your podcast! You don’t have to insert ads to the latest mattress, meal kit, or wellness supplement to make a profit from your podcast. And we’ll show you how it’s possible!

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Creator of the Profitable Podcast School, CEO of the Profitable Podcast Company and The Podfunnel Company, and inventor of the Podfunnel.

I believe your podcast is more than a platform: it’s an intimate way to connect with your community and make effortless, aligned sales in your business.

Podcasting is the center of everything we do here at the Profitable Podcast Company–not only in terms of how we serve our clients, but also in terms of how we promote, run, and streamline our own business.

As a homeschooling mom of two, who values real life, real food, and real connection I know how valuable your time, effort, and energy is. You can grow a successful business without selling out to the social media gods...and a podcast is an incredible way to do it! 

Hi, I'm Tara Counterman!

— Chantelle Andercastle,
The Aligned Action Podcast

“It makes so much more sense now!”

“I knew that I wanted my podcast to generate leads, but I didn't realize how to do it. I had been alternating topics in my episodes because I didn't want to bore my audience, but you showed me that that was the exact wrong approach.

I finally understand how to link the content of my episodes to what I'm selling.”

Traditional podcasting is broken

Instead adopt a profitable podcast strategy that works for your big business goals! Just like these clients:

"Just recording audio to a strategic marketing machine"

“If you are thinking about working with Tara and her team - jump on it! They are innovating the podcast game every single day and im so grateful they manage my show. They took my podcast from just recording audio content to a strategic marketing machine.”

"3 people pre-enroll even though the launch isn't until next month"

I feel like my podcast is finally getting the star treatment she deserves and needed! And i've had 3 people so far pre-enroll to my upcoming membership even though the launch isn't until next month! 


“Tara & her team helped elevate the entire show."

When I first launched my podcast I was so excited! I knew I needed to show up in a big way for my audience & that podcasting was the answer. But I didn’t realize how hard it would be to show up consistently. I was releasing episodes here and there when I could, but my downloads were starting to drop. I didn’t have the energy to deal with the back end anymore.

That is when Tara & her incredible team at the Profitable Podcast Company stepped in and really helped elevate the entire show. We relaunched, improved quality, and implemented a real sales priming strategy. I was blown away by the results & I quickly reached my 10,000k download goal.

Simple + Effective strategic shifts!

“OMG Tara…I just booked a business breakthrough call from my ONE podcast commercial. Ya-know the one you told me to do?!?! Legit shook. I recorded the commercial, charged $297 & Boom. I have NEVER met this person. But i’m exicted to try this out.” 

— Helen

Confidence + Control 

I feel a lot more in control of my message, my topics and feel confident it all contributes to the bigger picture of my business

It's the sales for me!

The Podcast Makes sales a full body f*ck yes for a $3k program without a sales call!

100X Easier

Hiring you to train my team was one of the best investments I've ever made in my business. The podcast is going to be 100X easier and so will my life, thank you!

— Kela Robinson smith

"Idea to launch in 8 days!"

"Thank you so much Tara Counterman! I found you on Pinterest and took your course and my podcast, The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Puzzle podcast is launching Sept 1 and we already got approval from Itunes. This course was exactly what I was looking for to help me go from "I want to do a podcast" to launch in about 8 days. Thank you so much!"

"You don't do things just to do them"

This is why I am so happy to pay you, because you guys don't just do them to do them. If you realize there is a better way or there is something to play with. I can't say enough about how much I just appreciate the insight so that speaks volumes to me. 

"A profound part of this ripple Effect"

I just need you to see this whole thing. Read this application info and then read the response in full. I know that sales for me because of my podcast gets to be just...I don't have the word. Like it is the ultimate fulfillment. The mission was truly to build a life that I want but also make it possible for others and you nudging me along the whole way to start this podcast and ultimately making it possible is a profound part of this ripple effect. It quite literally could not have been done without you. You were an instrumental piece.  

"People trust a voice more than words"

“It makes responding (the podcast) meaningful and super quick and I know it nurtures better than the DMs anyway. I think people trust a voice more than words. Inflections and tone and stuff. I get so many answers on my enrollment that they trust me verses other courses that seem scammy.”


“Your podcast will be such an integral part of your business when you do it with Profitable podcast co.”

When I came to Tara, I really wanted to set up my podcast in a really strategic way. Podcasting is always something I wanted to do, but I wanted to make sure that I was doing it the right way and having the best approach for me. It was a no-brainer to get her brain on my ideas. 

The entire experience was flawless and we got so much done. I can’t say enough good stuff about Tara. She knows her stuff and she’s the absolute go-to when it comes to podcast production, strategy, and everything behind it. It’s so evident that she wants every single person she works with to have an experience catered to them.

"already making money from this podcast launch"

PS I am already making money from this podcast launch.
Someone found me on insta from the giveaway post, went through my funnel, and bought my course.

Decrease costs, Increase conversions

“And while you can say ads get more people here, you can also say the podcast gets them to buy”

— Kelly Dunlap

"she probably would have never found me without my podcast"

I had a discovery call with a lady who is in my Facebook Group. We hopped on a Zoom call and I asked her how she heard about me. She said, "I found you on my Podcast app and it is my FAVORITE!" She signed up for my program! 

She probably never would have heard about me and my program if I didn't have a podcast! I just wanted to say thank you! 

"Woke up to another enrollment"

Woke up to another enrollment! From someone I've never spoken to that I don't recognize! 

“I had someone listen to just one of my podcasts...and then buy FIVE of my multi-thousand dollar programs. Whoa.”

“Honestly my podcast is basically my sales mechanism’


“The best hire in my business”

“Tara’s team has been the best hire in my business. I use my podcast like Frank’s red hot... I use that shit for everything. It nurtures and converts my lurking audience, it attracts new people to me, it handles my sales efforts, and combats objections...

If you have a business and a message and you want to literally speak and have it accessible in the simplest form - you need a podcast. If you want it done well, you need Tara and her team.”


podcast leads her marketing 

Out of 244 Applications for her signature programs:

Katie Ferro is a Profitable Podcast Company client and utilizes her podcast as her main way to market her business, nurture her audience, and sell. On top of her bookkeeping and coaching business she is a single mom of 3 small kiddos and focuses on building a business that supports the life she wants to create for her and her family.

She provides exceptional value inside of her podcast, highlights stories, and isn't afraid to make the ask. We asked Katie to track how her podcast was impacting her bottom line. Check out these incredible stats she provided to us. 

68% of applicants converted to a sale

44% of applicants directly mention the podcast in at least 1 application field. 

23% of applicants mention the podcast in the question "how did you hear about the program"

32% of applicants mention the podcast as the reason as why they want to work with Katie

52% of the 166 students who purchased mentioned the podcast. 

“Tara’s team has been the best hire in my business. I use my podcast like Frank’s red hot... I use that shit for everything. It nurtures and converts my lurking audience, it attracts new people to me, it handles my sales efforts, and combats objections... I think people trust a voice more than words...

If you have a business and a message and you want to literally speak and have it accessible in the simplest form - you need a podcast. If you want it done well, you need Tara and her team.”

Profits + Prosecco

Let's Meet

— Beatrice Kamau,
 The Self Love Fix Podcast

“We DOUBLED our launch numbers!”

"I just finished my first launch working with the Profitable Podcast Company and let me just tell you: we DOUBLED our launch numbers! Tara & I worked together about 2 or 3 months before we actually launched to plan + strategize the podcast messaging, the podcast episodes, and she gave me ideas I never would have considered on my own."

“Podcasting with you is different than just podcasting”

“I really don’t think podcasting has the reputation to represent what YOU turn it into. Podcasting with you is just different. I feel like people see it as an expense rather than an investment designed to get you an ROI. Hiring you is not like hiring a VA or designer. It's like hiring an ads manager. Especially with the blogs & social media.”

I prefer seeing application to enrollment citing my podcast

Whenever I get those cold DMs asking how much id love to fill my calendar with sales calls I break out in hives. No. Thanks. I much prefer seeing application to enrollment citing my podcast before Ive even checked my email. XO happy 2 year client of the Profitable Podcast Co. 

"ROI is immeasurable"

“When it comes to ROI my podcast is immeasurable. It’s the most powerful form of marketing and sales I have."

"It never gets old"

“​​It just never gets old. This was a pay-in-full auto-enrollment tonight while I was trick or treating with the kids ♥️” 

"Easiest sales conversation I have ever had"

Okay, the coolest thing happened to me today! I had someone who booked an intro chat with me and I have high end offers. The whole time she kept saying that she is listening to my podcast and just hanging on every word. She was so excited to talk to me.

She kept citing the podcast and literally just talked her way into working with me. It was the easiest and most effortless sales conversation I think I have ever had!


“Working with The Profitable podcast company  has been game-changing for my podcast.”

Before working with the Profitable Podcast Co, my podcast was kind of a hobby. I wasn’t seeing sales, I wasn’t seeing consistent growth, I wasn’t seeing an increase in downloads. I wasn’t using it as an incredible connection tool for my audience, an incredible way to drive sales or to nurture those leads and build that know like trust factor for my high-level programs.

Now, my podcast is such an incredible connection piece for building trust. But the thing that CEO PWR does so well is to help you look beyond that. They want you to connect with your audience, but they also want you to make money from your podcast. And that’s been so huge.

— Caitlin

“Working with The Profitable podcast company  has been game-changing for my podcast.”

I just finished going through it for my business and my podcast, and it was such an incredibly helpful tool for me, especially since I lean more towards less structure, just creativity, the feminine, like go the flow, the woo woo kind of stuff.

I felt like the content planner was a really great balance to where I'm at naturally. It gave me the structure and the strategy that I need to, to balance my side, but also to hold that creativity and give it more direction. I thought it was really great for if you have an offer that you're launching, to really break it down and think through each phase and your goals for each phase and the content that you wanna share for each phase.

And even if you're not launching something, I have ongoing clients that I'm enrolling for coaching, and it still was incredibly helpful for me to give me that strategy and structure. And for me, I know this is something that I'll go back to when I decide to launch a course or some other offer.

You can go back and re plug in everything and work through it all. And it's a great resource that you can just use over and over again, depending on if you're offering something new, or launching something new.

I just thought the questions were really helpful in helping you drill down Exactly. What you needed, what your listeners would need to launch an offer.

And so I don't have enough good things to say about it. I'm so grateful to have this tool and be able to reuse it.

-Jeffery Gitomer
Sell or die podcast

"Even though we had 2,500,000 downloads..."

When I say the words, Tara Counterman, what comes to mind?

You probably don't know, just like we didn't know, but now if we say the words, Tara Counterman, we have profitable podcasting. As a result of it, Jennifer and I have been doing Sell or Die for more than three years and didn't really have the results we were looking.

Even though we had 2,500,000 downloads, it wasn't what we wanted in terms of outcome. Tara came in, reviewed our entire program, cut our workload by 80%, increased our downloads.

It was absolutely unbelievable. She made us a productive, profitable podcast, and she can do exactly the same for you.

Please connect with Tara. She will help you turn your $0 Podcast into profit, productivity, and notoriety. Go for it.

- Haley David 
Money Rebel Podcast

"I was kind of winging my podcast"

I was feeling really all over the place with my podcast strategy. I didn’t know how to best leverage it for my sales and launching process. Profitable Podcast Co helped me map out all of the content for my upcoming launch and understand how to best leverage my podcast for my listeners and my business. They really help you take your podcast to the next level, so it can be a powerful tool in your business.”

"I love knowing it's ranking on SEO"

“I’m so impressed with the blog element. You don’t talk about it enough. Im using it to write emails now and I LOVE it and i know it’s ranking on SEO. People google and find my program and I believe its through the blog. 

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