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Let us introduce you to the new innovative sales + marketing funnel that will allow you to ditch long sales calls, exit the content creation hamster wheel, and bring more automation into your biz!

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In this 10 episode podcast series we break down exactly what a Podfunnel is and how it can support you and your business goals! The PWR of podcasts are undeniable, so we took what worked best for our weekly podcast clients and turned it into a 10 episode asset every business with a high ticket offer needs.  

Welcome to Podfunnel PWR the podcast!

with tara counterman

Hi! I'm Tara, CEO and Founder of CEO PWR

When I say that innovation is one of our core values here at CEO PWR, I mean it. My team and I are constantly looking for ways to innovate — always unraveling why things aren’t working and looking outside the box for fresh ideas and perspectives.

And our idea for the PodFunnel™ was no exception.

The PodFunnel™ is our response to seeing countless PWR-house CEOs wasting SO much of their valuable time explaining their proven offers to prospects over and over again. 

We created this offer to help you save time and make selling out your high-ticket offers and services feel effortless — all while delivering an amazing experience for your prospects that makes investing in your offers a no-brainer decision.

We’re beyond proud to be the first agency to specialize in creating this specific, sales-focused podcast for our clients. 

My personal superpower? Becoming our clients’ full creative partner. I’m here to help you make sure that your PodFunnel™ is profitable, impactful, and fully customized to your business goals. And I’m honored to have such a talented team behind me to help us bring it to life.

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