Ditch the content creation hamster-wheel forever and finally get back to living your dang life. 

Let’s be honest 10-second videos, trends, and dancing on your iPhone is not a sustainable, long-term, marketing strategy. Transform your content through our holistic, profitable podcast approach and echo your voice through the internet whether you are just starting out or have been in the podcast game for years. 

Hi! I’m Tara, CEO & Founder of the Profitable Podcast Company.

As a wife, homeschooling mom to two busy little girls, a podcaster, fantasy romance novel addict, aspiring homesteader, and CEO of not just one but TWO companies — I understand just how precious your time is, especially as an entrepreneur. 

You deserve to have a widely successful business while also getting to enjoy the freedom that entrepreneurship should bring without being constantly on the edge of burnout. 



When I started my first podcast in 2017 I set out to make marketing for my business easier - not to just add another thing to my already overflowing to-do list. I realized that most podcasters were waiting to monetize their show until...

  • They had a large community
  • An abundance of downloads
  • Or sponsorships knocking down their door. 

They were copying the format & “strategy” of massive shows that frankly don’t apply to the everyday business owner.





I mean you set out to create freedom + have purpose in your life 


I mean you set out to create freedom + have purpose in your life 


building bRaNd AwAreNesS or “giving all your best stuff away for free”

And then kept unlocking success for coaches, course creators, service providers, and consultants around the globe. 

Let me be clear - I didn’t just launch my own show as a hobby, create a course because it became popular, and start teaching others how to podcast. We work with 6 & 7-figure clients strategizing and managing their podcast for them.

All in different niches and industries, and with unique offers or approaches. Some have millions of downloads and others only a few thousand.

because profitability doesn’t come from hitting the top charts. Just like it doesn’t come from 10,000 Instagram followers, a blue checkmark, or hoping to finally go viral online. 

We implemented sustainable strategies and practices that shifted the way they looked at podcasting completely. (More like investing in ads than hiring a VA)

And get this - it doesn’t involve simply adding another platform to your plate, scheduling endless interviews that don’t feed your business, sacrificing your time, energy, or effort for the sake of

So I paved my own way & unlocked the secret to Profitable Podcasts for CEOs.

A Podcast isn’t a part of your marketing strategy…

When done the Profitable Podcast Way it IS your marketing strategy. 

Gone are the days of working for your content. It is time to tame that beast and have your content working for YOU. So If you spend more time marketing your business than serving your clients and filling your cup then it is time to shake up your approach! 

Traditional Content Creation 

Traditional Podcasting 

In the moment without a cohesive plan across platforms

Creating and posting day to day 

Competing content that leaves your potential buyers confused 

Workflows that cause you to recreate the same things over and over again

Focus on short form, trending, or going viral in hopes of growing your business

Leads you to endless scrolling sessions looking for inspiration, ideas, and the next trending audio

Always reinventing the wheel
Monetization through brand deals/ annoying, unrelated sponsorships 

Focuses on download numbers + top charts

Relying on interviews because it is “easier” than coming up with content on your own, what the big shows are doing, or you think it will grow your audience

Often creates more work for the creator while separating the podcast from the business

Sitting down the night before an episode airs waiting for a divine download to hit 

The podcast is constantly pushed to the back-burner, episodes skipped, or rushed because what does it matter anyways - you have revenue-driving activities to do. 

We loved podcasting in general but because we tried to monetize based on ads and other traditional podcast strategies, there was no profit.

Like… maybe $100 a year, while consistently publishing weekly episodes, engaging on social media, and doing frequent guest interviews.

It was frustrating because we had great feedback, and a group of loyal and engaged listeners, but because our show didn’t get astronomical download numbers there was no financial return.

My sister-in-law and I started a podcast back in 2018.

Reaching out to potential guests, trying to figure out what to post, and how we could gain sponsorships took hours a week outside of anything that actually involved the podcast.

It wasn’t sustainable to keep up the content creation process even though we loved it and got a lot of creative fulfillment out of it.

This process taught me so much and led to the skills that allowed me to work with other business owners to profit from their podcasts.

Not to mention the time it involved.

because I knew the importance of strategy in podcast marketing.
I learned the hard way, but now I’m happy to be part of the solution! 

In fact, I sought out Tara to work with...

Rachel Coney,
CMO- The Profitable
Podcast Company


Focuses on priming and nurturing dream clients

Is the first place you create content so you can spend less time getting your message out there

Connects with your community on a deeper, real, level rarely found on social media

Creates a cohesive brand message & presence across any & all platforms you want to utilize

Provides you with a binge-able library of core messaging content to drive new traffic to

Positions you in your CEO role for full support from a VA or Team

Lowers ads costs + increases campaign/launch conversions

Builds brand awareness, authority, and credibility by highlighting your unique thought leadership

Meets your dream clients where they are in a way they LOVE to consume content. 

Doesn’t focus on teaching content that keeps your audience from wanting to buy

Utilizes interviews, more selectively, with clear purposes and objectives. 

The Profitable Podcast Approach 

Meet Katie

podcast leads her marketing 

Out of 244 Applications for her signature programs:

Katie Ferro is a Profitable Podcast Company client and utilizes her podcast as her main way to market her business, nurture her audience, and sell. On top of her bookkeeping and coaching business she is a single mom of 3 small kiddos and focuses on building a business that supports the life she wants to create for her and her family.

She provides exceptional value inside of her podcast, highlights stories, and isn't afraid to make the ask. We asked Katie to track how her podcast was impacting her bottom line. Check out these incredible stats she provided to us. 

68% of applicants converted to a sale

44% of applicants directly mention the podcast in at least 1 application field. 

23% of applicants mention the podcast in the question "how did you hear about the program"

32% of applicants mention the podcast as the reason as why they want to work with Katie

52% of the 166 students who purchased mentioned the podcast. 

“Tara’s team has been the best hire in my business. I use my podcast like Frank’s red hot... I use that shit for everything. It nurtures and converts my lurking audience, it attracts new people to me, it handles my sales efforts, and combats objections... I think people trust a voice more than words...

If you have a business and a message and you want to literally speak and have it accessible in the simplest form - you need a podcast. If you want it done well, you need Tara and her team.”

Profits + Prosecco

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Let’s launch or transform your podcast with an intentional place within the bigger picture. Because marketing doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming, or require you to go viral. The impact you can make starts with reaching ONE, transforming ONE, and then continuously repeating the cycle. 

We can’t wait to help you amplify your voice, build real relationships with your audience, and discover how easy it can really be to turn subscribers into sales.



“Your podcast will be such an integral part of your business when you do it with CEO PWR.”

When I came to Tara, I really wanted to set up my podcast in a really strategic way. Podcasting is always something I wanted to do, but I wanted to make sure that I was doing it the right way and having the best approach for me. It was a no-brainer to get her brain on my ideas. 

The entire experience was flawless and we got so much done. I can’t say enough good stuff about Tara. She knows her stuff and she’s the absolute go-to when it comes to podcast production, strategy, and everything behind it. It’s so evident that she wants every single person she works with to have an experience catered to them.


“Tara & her team helped elevate the entire show.”

When I first launched my podcast I was so excited! I knew I needed to show up in a big way for my audience & that podcasting was the answer. But I didn’t realize how hard it would be to show up consistently. I was releasing episodes here and there when I could, but my downloads were starting to drop. I didn’t have the energy to deal with the back end anymore.

That is when Tara & her incredible team at the Profitable Podcast Company stepped in and really helped elevate the entire show. We relaunched, improved quality, and implemented a real sales priming strategy. I was blown away by the results & I quickly reached my 10,000k download goal.


“Working with The Profitable podcat company  has been game-changing for my podcast.”

Before working with CEO PWR, my podcast was kind of a hobby. I wasn’t seeing sales, I wasn’t seeing consistent growth, I wasn’t seeing an increase in downloads. I wasn’t using it as an incredible connection tool for my audience, an incredible way to drive sales or to nurture those leads and build that know like trust factor for my high-level programs.

Now, my podcast is such an incredible connection piece for building trust. But the thing that CEO PWR does so well is to help you look beyond that. They want you to connect with your audience, but they also want you to make money from your podcast. And that’s been so huge.


“The best hire in my business”

“Tara’s team has been the best hire in my business. I use my podcast like Frank’s red hot... I use that shit for everything. It nurtures and converts my lurking audience, it attracts new people to me, it handles my sales efforts, and combats objections...

If you have a business and a message and you want to literally speak and have it accessible in the simplest form - you need a podcast. If you want it done well, you need Tara and her team.”

— Beatrice Kamau,
 The Self Love Fix Podcast

“We DOUBLED our launch numbers!”

"I just finished my first launch working with the Profitable Podcast Company and let me just tell you: we DOUBLED our launch numbers! Tara & I worked together about 2 or 3 months before we actually launched to plan + strategize the podcast messaging, the podcast episodes, and she gave me ideas I never would have considered on my own."



A person devoted to all things podcasting, including creating, consuming, innovating, and marketing. (That’s me. Hi!)

A podcast intentionally created to teach a completely reimagined view of sales + marketing through powerful, intentional, high-converting podcasts!

A space made especially for you (yes, YOU, my stressed-out, burnt-out entrepreneur friend!) to unlock a simple, stress-free approach to podcasting in a way that ACTUALLY gets you results in your business.

Follow me to a brand-new Wonderland of podcasting goodness. Let’s go on a trip down the rabbit hole together!



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About 45% of podcast listeners have an annual income of $75,000 and are listening to podcasts about 7 times per week

63% of podcast listeners have bought something after hearing it promoted on a show

On average, only a third of webinar registrants actually show up live.

The average completion rate of 5-day challenges is less than 5%.

96% of your website visitors aren't ready to buy 

As of 2020, only 24% of sales emails are opened on average

The US Podcast market alone is expected to surpass $2billion in revenue by 2023

One of the highest-earning podcasts (The Joe Rogan Experience) brings in about $30 million per year or approximately $800,000 per episode

Brands spent $479 million in the podcast space in 2018, and the market is expected to hit $1 billion in 2021?

THIS MEANS THAT BIG BUSINESS IS INVESTING IN PODCASTING And while we may not have the marketing, research, and development budgets that they do we can see patterns and adapt our own strategies accordingly!

Check out these amazing stats


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