Stepping into Your CEO PWR and Owning Your Time -

Stepping into Your CEO PWR and Owning Your Time


Tara Counterman

May 6, 2022

When I started to work on pod funnels, I had a few important thoughts that, ultimately, led to the evolution of what I’m presenting with Podfunnel PWR.

I want you to understand my thought process behind pod funnels, learn how the concept came to be, and really dial into all that this can do for your business. Let’s dive into it!

Thought #1: I’m Over Sales Calls

The first thought that I had when I started formatting how pod funnels would look was, “I’m over sales calls.” This doesn’t necessarily apply to ALL sales calls, but I’m over those that don’t lead to anything. 

I used to think, “oh, having sales calls that don’t convert is just part of the process!” You know just as I do, we would all do the math in our heads – “if I want X number of new clients a month, I need to do X amount of sales calls.” 

But that’s a lot of time on your calendar that you could be doing something more valuable to your business. Or – you know – you could be out there living your freaking life. 

That led me to my next thought…

Thought #2: How Can I Convert Higher?

And then another…

Thought #3: How Can We Save People Time?

It was then upon me! I needed to find a way to put a barrier between CEOs and the people that want to work with them. That’s because CEOs need a way to spend less time with people that are simply not a qualified lead.

And thus – the pod funnel was born!

How Does a Podfunnel Achieve This Goal?

So now YOU’RE probably thinking – how does a pod funnel help achieve this goal? Well, these short, intentional episodes truly breed success. They allow people that are interested in your offer to listen to your pod funnel and self qualify themselves.

Their questions will be answered, and this tool will filter away people that aren’t right for your offer before you ever have to get on a sales call with them. Say hello to your precious time NOT being squandered away on a sales call that won’t convert.

The New Employee of the Month: Your Podfunnel

Heck, your pod funnel may end up being your employee of the year. This tool is adaptable to your business model and it will become something that can work 24/7 because you, realistically, can’t. Neither can your team.

As CEOs, we have to position things in business and put the time and effort into the things that will work for us. Podfunnels will do that time and time again. It’ll allow you to work when you’re not REALLY working. 

You know your ideal client better than anyone, so spend some intentional time in front of a mic and allow people to make an informed decision about whether your offer is right for them. All through the power of a pod funnel.


A Sound Strategy: The Bottom Line

Podfunnels are a sound strategy because they take the pressure that exists in a sales call off of your potential client. They take you out of the equation, allowing your prospect to make the decision for themselves.

It’s a great strategy because you don’t need to be there to do it live. You can do it once, continuously empowering prospects to make their informed decision.




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Tara Counterman is the CEO of CEO PWR, the exclusive agency for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their rightful place behind the microphone and leave the rest to the professionals.

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Hi! I'm Tara, CEO and Founder of CEO PWR

When I say that innovation is one of our core values here at CEO PWR, I mean it. My team and I are constantly looking for ways to innovate — always unraveling why things aren’t working and looking outside the box for fresh ideas and perspectives.

And our idea for the PodFunnel™ was no exception.

The PodFunnel™ is our response to seeing countless PWR-house CEOs wasting SO much of their valuable time explaining their proven offers to prospects over and over again. 

We created this offer to help you save time and make selling out your high-ticket offers and services feel effortless — all while delivering an amazing experience for your prospects that makes investing in your offers a no-brainer decision.

We’re beyond proud to be the first agency to specialize in creating this specific, sales-focused podcast for our clients. 

My personal superpower? Becoming our clients’ full creative partner. I’m here to help you make sure that your PodFunnel™ is profitable, impactful, and fully customized to your business goals. And I’m honored to have such a talented team behind me to help us bring it to life.

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